Our Mission

Our Mission at The Planner Platform is to educate, engage, and inspire the event planning community.


We love to learn, and we love to educate at The Planner Platform! As event planners, we are expected to be knowledgeable in all areas: timelines, layouts, logistics, budgets, etc. However, we also need to be well versed on every vendor we bring in: floral, lighting, catering, transportation, etc.  We need to have a well-rounded understanding on every aspect of the event world, it’s our responsibility to continue our education and look for opportunities to improve our businesses, and the industry as a whole. We Educate.


Creativity stems from interacting with others, discovering new places, and learning new things. The Planner Platform fosters a healthy and creative community of event planners around the globe. We are your go-to for finding creative solutions and encouragement, workshopping business ideas, discussing client and vendor issues, and celebrating your success. We Engage.


Inspiration is everywhere. You have inspired many, and you might not even realize it. At The Planner Platform we crave inspiration, and have created this outlet to reach others, just like us, all over the world. You will inspire others with experience sharing! Events gone wrong, events gone perfectly, a creative solution with an impossible location, a logistical magic trick you swear by.  What lessons have you learned? How did you make someone’s day extra special? We want to hear it ALL. We Inspire.

Join Us

We welcome YOU to join us on this journey. Be part of a community of your peers that all want to make a difference and leave their mark. Let’s educate, engage, and inspire, together.


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